Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion


  • Forcebook, the Jedi, and May the #kairos be with you

    Tweet If you don’t not think too deeply about being unshallow, it’ opaquely clear. And as long as you follow Jedi recommendations to “Feel. Don’t think,” you won’t force this idea beyond transparency: Star Wars’ Force is a form of … Continue reading

    Posted: 2014-06-30

  • Tweet Yourself to a Maven

    Tweet Just got back from two cool conferences: Rhetoric Society of America Conference and Computers and Writing Conference. Learned a lot about rhetoric and humor from @cateblouke; rhetoric and algorithms from @johnmjones & @jaykirby1; rhetoric and reproduction from @lbdehertogh, @kristinarola, … Continue reading

    Posted: 2014-06-17

  • Blackfish and environmental rhetoric… and some bleakness

    I finally watched Blackfish last night. I’d been wanting to for a while, but also avoiding it a bit because I tend to have what some would call extreme emotional responses to animals at risk, in pain, or otherwise affected … Continue reading

    Posted: 2014-06-04


No 11 (2014): Digital Activism