Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion


  • Social Media? Rhetoric? We got that.

    We’ve rhetoricked a lot about social media, but it’s hard to locate all the rhetoricking our authors have done. So here’s a list with all our work analyzin’, criticizin’, and, pokin’ fun at social media communication practices. Below you’ll find … Continue reading

    Posted: 2015-07-14

  • Ready, Set…#DefineRhetoric

    Taylor Swift says it best: “Shake it off.” And she’s right. It’s time to shake off last year’s #DefineRhetoric.  Get ready with your new definitions, and Tweet them with a #DefineRhetoric cuz “the rhetors gonna rhet rhet rhet” (Swift 10). For our … Continue reading

    Posted: 2015-05-24

  • The End of “with Jon Stewart”

    I have only fuzzy memories of the late nineties, but I can clearly remember finding out way back in 1999 that Jon Stewart was taking over for Craig Kilborn, and actually thinking…this guy’ll never be able to replace Craig. And … Continue reading

    Posted: 2015-03-17


No 13 (2015)