Audiobiography: A Sonic Memoir of the 1960s

John F. Barber


This essay and its accompanying sound file speak to a personal narrative of the author's life in the 1960s, a time of tremendous social, political, and cultural change. By creating a narrative of his life at the time, sampled from period radio and television reports/programs, the author attempts to recreate the rhetorical context of his life at that time. The desired end result is a personal narrative with a broader appeal. Not a typical radio documentary, however, nor a narrated history, the intent of Sounds of My Life: A sixties radio narrative is instead to remix the medium of its original telling, empowering listeners to combine the sounds heard with the recollection of their own lived / related experience to create a meaningful, immersive personal rhetorical experience.


the sixties; radio and television; transmission arts; sonic rhetoric; personal narrative