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Crafting a Music Community: Making Music and Musicians in Concert

Joyce Reenste Walker


In this webtext the author(s) will explore the process of writing, recording, and producing a song, within a group of musicians & sound engineers who have all be fostered/encouraged in some way through participation in a "music community" in Kalamazoo, MI.  The goal of the project is threefold:  (1) To actually explore the timeline of production (an EP-length set of songs) with the group, who are all working from "amateur" status -- learning the tools, practices, and skills as they compose; (2) to explore (through short video vignettes) how this particular production has been shaped by participation in the community over the last several years; (3) To explore the artifact (one of the songs) in more detail, unpacking how each member of the group adds to not only the overall practice, but to their understanding of the music and their own musical skills.


music, community, Kalamazoo