Design: Design Thinking

How can your digital story employ a design thinking methodology to effectively integrate form and content?

Design thinking is a human-centered innovation process that applies a designer's sensibility and methods to problem solving (Lockwood, 2010, p. xi), It's more of a methodology—a theory on innovation—than a tool or technique. Design thinking centers around developing empathy, or products, brands and experiences that people care about.

A design thinking methodology helps to:

  • Understand what is meaningful to users
  • Discover users' unarticulated needs and desires
  • Imagine the world from the user's perspective
  • Connect with users around what is meaningful and valuable to them

"Designed" digital stories facilitate more meaning and connectivity. Storyboarding and prototyping with others can help better problem solve and strategize to target content and experiences that matter. To see projects that employ effective design thinking visit

Our design thinking process. Photograph by Austin Starin.

As pictured above, this toolkit also used a similar methodology to develop and design its form and content.