Design: Feel

How does your story promote connection with others on an emotional level?

Effective digital stories appeal to emotion (pathos), or what Aarron Walter (2011) calls emotional design. Emotional design "uses psychology and craftsmanship to create an experience for users that makes them feel like there's a person, not a machine, at the other end of the connection" (p. 2-3). For an example of emotional storytelling, look to the video titled “The Great Abyss,” featuring composer/filmmaker/artist Salomon Ligthelm. This intimate piece by The Music Bed showcases Ligthelm’s family and surroundings in an easy to connect to way while he discusses his personal views on the creative process.

The Great Abyss from Music Bed on Vimeo.

Another example of emotional design is Amit Pitaru's Handwritten app.

You make me feel like a natural woman. Image created with Handwritten.

Turning the digital space into something warm, human, and personal, the app allows the user to create a handwritten postcard on an iPad to send via e-mail. Rather than the standard depersonalized, rapid messages we receive on the web everyday, these letters act as "gifts," something unique to share that takes time and energy to make.†

↪ Frank Chimero discusses the relationship between Pitaru's Handwritten App and gift giving in his talk Do Things the Long, Hard, Stupid Way at DoLectures.