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During the presidential campaign melee of 2008, culture jammer, guerrilla sticker graffitist, Andre the Giant acolyte, and anti-authoritarian skateboard artist Shepard Fairey created what is widely considered one of the most recognizable pieces of political visual rhetoric to emerge in American culture in quite some time: the Barack Obama "HOPE" poster. Although not originally part of the official campaign branding, the design proved so popular that the poster became something of a viral phenomenon, seamlessly playing into the Obama campaign's overall ambience. What is it about Fairey's design that has captivated so many viewers, exactly?

Click on the highlighted areas of the poster for some rhetorical observations about the design and cultural impact of Fairey's masterwork.

Source: Wortham, Jenna. "'Obey' Street Artist Churns Out 'Hope' for Obama." WIRED ("Underwire" blog). 21 Sept. 2008. 26 Feb. 2009 <http://blog.wired.com/underwire/2008/09/poster-boy-shep.html>.