Congratulations! You’ve made the best decision of your life and have chosen to visit Harlot on a very special day. On this day we can’t guarantee all your dreams will come true, but some of your mildest dreams about rhetoric and seeing the world a little bit differently will. With this, our seventh issue, we launch you into the rhedesign, the rhestructuring, and the rheimagining of Harlot.

old Harlot site

If you can’t tell or haven’t seen us before, we’ve moved from the darkness of an ever expanding galaxy (our old design) into the sun and the formation of a new universe. We’ve decided, with the help of our exceptional web designer, Daniel Carter, to improve our interface and make it more accessible for users in a number of environments. Our old design was cool for a particular digitalverse, but times have changed and so have our notions of design and communication.

(The new design does entail some retro-refining; please be patient with us as we comb our way through the archives and mend any loose ends.)

Our universe has recently shrunk a little bit with the retiring of Vera Dukaj from Harlot’s editorial board. She’s moving on to new worlds, which she will no doubt rock just as she did ours. Vera will be sorely missed for her immeasurable contributions to this project, including:

We wish Vera all good and glorious things. She will always be a beloved friend of Team Harlot.

We hope the fresh design inspires a new energy in all of you—to submit your own work, comment on others’, become a reviewer, or simply share the site with friends and colleagues. May the rhetoric be with you.


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For Carr's "Cooking School": Tdrum17, "Nick Chopping Away" on Flickr

For Durst's "Electrate Blues":Onfoot4now, "Blue music" on Flickr

For Pickering's "Super Hardcore Subversion": Tibi Wagner, "LuFisto - Super Hardcore Anime" on Flickr