Harlot’s progress

Welcome to the Harlot blog, the playground of our new web publishing venture. To quote our most recent call for submissions, “Positioned at the intersection of cultural studies, new media, and the creative arts, Harlot is a digital magazine and web forum dedicated to investigations of persuasive communication in the public sphere.”

This story begins in media res, halfway through the “Summer of Harlot.” Marked by editorial compromise, heavy reading, technological creativity, and more than a bit of personal obsession, the summer has so far been an exhilarating experience in translating theory into practice. This space has been designed to track that progress, to explore those challenges, and to share our development process. Contributors include the editorial board, technology consultants, faculty advisors and friends of Harlot. In addition to the main narrative, the site includes pages for ongoing conversations about the title, technology, philosophy, and submission guidelines. Please join in!

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