A Pause in Solicitations

Eight (!) years into publishing smart, creative pieces about rhetoric, Harlot will be taking some time to reflect on and learn from those experiences. Stand by for more conversation about forthcoming changes in and after our spring issue.

For now, please note (and tell your friends) that Harlot will only be accepting new submissions–and any outstanding revisions–until January 15, for possible publication in the April 2016 issue. If you’ve been holding onto anything you think belongs in Harlot, please pass it along for review! And as always, please get in touch if you want to chat. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “A Pause in Solicitations

        • Thanks for checking in, Kate! It’s a good question that I wish we could answer. There are some preliminary conversations happening about whether/how Harlot can make a comeback, but it really depends on resources for infrastructure and staff… and therefore whether people just want Harlot back or want to help make Harlot work. If there’s any real movement, you better believe we’ll let the world know. 🙂

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