Available Positions

Want to show Harlot some love? Think you can show us how it's done? Ready to play? We're looking for new recruits and fresh ideas — not to mention skills. Work with super-cool contributors and reviewers. Enter the exciting world of HTML. Be a magnanimous zenith of greatness. Er, help keep Harlot's feet on the ground. If you're interested or want more information, shoot us an email at editors[at]harlotofthearts[dot]com. Open positions include: Assistant Manuscript Editor
This position involves working with Managing Editors as they guide submissions through the review process.
  • Contribute to initial editorial review of articles and/or the response letters to authors. Involves reading articles, reviewers' feedback, and the editor's draft of the letter to the author--and then providing brief feedback to the Managing Editor(s). Comments might highlight areas where recommendations need to be clearer, raise issues not addressed, or provide insight about possibilities for development of content and/or design.
  • Recruit reviewers, particularly from outside rhet/comp and academia in general.
  • Invite and assist reviewers as appropriate.
Assistant Web Editor
This position involves working with Production Editors as they guide accepted submissions through the publishing process.
  • Strategize design options editors and authors, determining which option (standard, webtext, etc.) is most appropriate and/or feasible.
  • Work with authors and Managing Editors to compose the article for publication.
  • Code. And fix others' code.
Assistant Social Media Editor
This position involves working with Social Media and Technology Editors as they promote the project through various channels, including developing new outreach initiatives.
  • Build Harlot’s PearlTrees collection through recruitment and promotion. Collaborate on own rhetorical lesson plans.
  • Develop the Harlot Consortium (aka RhetoriMatch). This project aims to build connections among users of Harlot as well as rhetorical composers of all kinds. It's like a dating site for designers, writers, editors, folks wanting to share/trade work and play. So it needs technical development and promotion/recruitment.
  • Contribute Shorts, Twitter and Facebook posts -- short, smart pieces of rhetorical criticism, articles about communication, debates over strategies, etc.--the kinds of pieces we'd like to see developed in Harlot.
Assistant Technology Editor
This position involves assisting the Technology Editors with maintenance of existing tech tools and exploring new alternatives.
  • Troubleshoot glitches within WebHostingHub, OJS (Open Journal System), and Wordpress.
  • Research and test option of transitioning from OJS to Wordpress, including archives and custom design elements.
  • review manuscript before production to improve clarity, coherence, and correctness
  • review proof to identify remaining errors or glitches*

*If your brain is exploding by the inconsistency of this section in comparison to the previous sections, you're just the person we're looking for. (Please picture us trying to look at you as seductively as possible when you read that.)


We look forward to hearing from you!