Sukses Tanam Kentang dengan KOCIDE 77,GRAND 8-15 & GRAND



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KOCIDE 77wp, GRAND S-15 and GRAND K are three tools for successful potato (Solarium tuberosum L) cultivation. With KOCIDE 77WP, you can control late blight attacks. Meanwhile, compound fertilizers GRAND S-15 and GRAND K can supply balanced nutrients for plant health.

Potatoes are well-known as a superior crop in the highlands. Now, thanks to advances in technology, several varieties that are suitable for the middle plains have been found. Although the choice of planting areas is increasingly diverse, there are still standard guidelines for abundant harvests.

The initial guideline is to choose the right location. The land for potatoes is not used to grow seasonal vegetables/fruits from the Solanaceae family, such as tomatoes, chilies, eggplant, tobacco, or watermelon/melon. If this rule is violated, there will be accumulation of pests/diseases that are harmful to potatoes. This is because the pests/diseases of these plants are similar to those that attack potatoes.

After the ideal location is obtained, then buy quality seeds. Seeds must be free of pests/diseases, especially viruses. The trouble is, the presence of the virus is difficult to detect, even though it can cause losses of up to 90%.

Superior seeds are not a guarantee for plants to be free from attacks

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