Making Harlot Happen

I second Katie (and Tim’s) shout-out of thanks to all who are making Harlot happen!  As we discuss our plans for our upcoming presentations about Harlot, its origins, its purposes, and the philosophy behind it, I can’t help but acknowledge how important the support of others has been.  Though I wasn’t a part of the original conversation(s) that produced Harlot, I was happy to join the troupe because I agree with the philosophy of Harlot–as do many others.

My personal philosophy–as a scholar, a teacher, and a citizen–is centered on initiating, supporting, and participating in conversations bridging sometimes hidden/sometimes obvious gap between the university and the community.  It is in those conversations that the real intellectual work happens–and blossoms.

Tomorrow is the due date of the submissions for the pilot of Harlot (yeah!), and I look forward to seeing what conversations are initiated…and where they take us!

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