A Little Plug (‘N Play)

Gauti Sigthorsson posted his Screen Studies Conference presentation creatively titled “Home is Where My Archive Is.” It runs about 20 minutes and is most definitely worth the listen. If not for the actual complications Gauti brings up, but also for sentences like: “you’re functioning as my 3D PowerPoint presentation.”

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1 thought on “A Little Plug (‘N Play)

  1. I was at a conference last week where a plenary speaker pointed to the blank wall behind him and said he had something that neither of the two preceding speakers had: an imaginary PowerPoint. The audience was tickled, and some people laughed out loud. Yes, I admit — I smirked.

    That’s all I have. I’m listening to the audio right now and just found out I’m a commodity worth anywhere from $20 – $36! Who knew 😉

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