Call for Submissions: Issue 2

Harlot is getting around. Our October launch issue prompted visitors from around the globe, with over 13,000 hits on our first day — from the UK to Hong Kong, Italy to Oman, Argentina to Tanzania. The first issue contained a rich and varied set of creative and critical reflections, including interactive digital collages, queer theory provocations, ekphrastic poetry, and rhetorical analyses ranging from Disney to Christmas carols. We’ve received fascinating feedback–glowing, glowering, helpful, and hilarious — that will continue to shape Harlot‘s future, with your help.

Here’s our challenge to you for the next issue: take it to the streets. Harlot is looking for submissions that take a smart and savvy look at everyday persuasions. Mess with the mundane. Question the quotidian. What messages do your shoes send? How does that graffiti mess with your mind? Do you find guilt trips compelling? What makes you stop and stare (or fight or flee) on your way to work? Do you like rhetorical questions?

We welcome contributions of all sorts — no observation too pointed, no style too random. Submissions for the spring issue are due February 2. So, get out there and analyze the everyday, critique the common, and bring the banal to Harlot.

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2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Issue 2

  1. How to Submit
    1. Register as a creator.
    2. When logged in, there will be a link in the right column called “user home,” which will show the roles for which you’ve registered. Click on your role as “creator.”
    3. This will take you to a page titled “Active Submissions.” Underneath, there is a smaller heading that says “Start a New Submission.” Click on the link that says “click here to go to step one of the five step process” link.
    4. From there you can work your way through the steps and submit the work in step five.

    If you still have questions, then you can email the editors at or the tech team at

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