visualizing communication

If understanding the medium through which communication happens is an essential part of any successful rhetorical analysis, then the video below might provoke a few thoughts about rhetoric in a digitally connected age.  GPS equipment is used in part to track the movement of telephone calls, fiber optic lines, taxis and airplanes:

If you find this interesting, head to Flowing Data to see other projects, like the growth of Wal-Mart since 1962.

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One thought on “visualizing communication

  1. Did you see the news that now Walmart has siphoned off as much as possible off America’s economy, it’s now migrating to Russia? Now that we’re on life support it’s planning on opening stores in the one place that still seems to be doing well:

    Walmart is like a cancer, it spreads by latching on to previously-healthy hosts and then sucks it dry.

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