Leading me on?

Before I condemn the BBC for severe lack of tact, I thought it best to run it past you all first to see if I’m way off base.  Check out the picture chosen to accompany an article on the US military changing it policy on “don’t ask don’t tell.”

Are we being lead to believe that these two military men are holding hands? My guess is that their arms simply appear aligned from the perspective of camera; cropping out the hands at the bottom helps cement this view.

So why this picture?  Why are we being lead to associate this policy change with open-hand holding amongst military personnel?  How does this picture help frame the article’s message and how we interpret the policy itself?

Right now I’m more than a bit disgusted with such a maneuver, which seems beneath such a respectable organization like the BBC.  This is something we might expect from FOX, but c’mon–the BBC?!

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