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We’ve been getting some questions here at Harlot about our submissions. Not to worry, we have and will answer to those askers directly, but for as many people out there who actually ask, there are more who simply wonder. So, if you’ve been wondering the same thing, hopefully I can answer some for you right now. I’ve heard that you’ve been calling for submissions, but can’t find anything on your site. Hmm, indeed. Our initial inclination to simply announce this through our blog seems to have been a bit misguided. Well intended, perhaps, but there are obvious flaws with this logic. So, from here on out, our homepage will show the various calls as well as instructions on how to submit. I can’t figure out the submission process. We do recommend that you check out the For Creators page as well as the information about Online Submissions. We’ve recently added step by step instructions on how to submit. I can’t find any information about actually submitting through the system. This information is now located on the page, the call for submissions on the main page, and here. More in depth instructions of the system which include going through the Five steps of the Submission process are available here: (opens in pdf) There’s also a video from Open Journal Systems about the process at this address: What are the Submission Instructions? How to Submit 1. Register as a creator. 2. When logged in, there will be a link in the right column called “user home,†which will show the roles for which you’ve registered. Click on your role as “creator.†3. This will take you to a page titled “Active Submissions.†Underneath, there is a smaller heading that says “Start a New Submission.†Click on the link that says “click here to go to step one of the five step process†link. 4. From there you can work your way through the steps by entering information into the fields and clicking “Save and Continue.†You may submit the work in step five. What do I do if I’m still confused? If you still have questions, then you can email the editors at or the tech team at