Introducing Glossa Technologia . . .

Check out our sister site – another rhetoricalcommons gem:

Glossa Technologia


Professor Ben McCorkle is a key player in this brilliant project, and I’m sure we’ll all be thanking him profusely a few years down the road as the site grows.

Although the link will take you to a more than adequate description of their project, I’ll just briefly mention here that it’s a wiki-bibliography on matters relating to digital technologies in rhetoric, composition, and literacy studies. Right up our alley, eh?

The site is still in its pre-launch-beefing-up stages. For those of us studying for comps (or for those that just beat the hell out of ’em – congrats Vera), there’s plenty of spaces for contribution.

Get to work Harlots . . .

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1 thought on “Introducing Glossa Technologia . . .

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Harloteers! The busy has caught up with me this quarter, but soon I hope to do some tinkering with the site in terms of usability, nav, etc., so any feedback would be helpful.

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