Go Meat?

Hillshire Farms recent television adds make me uncomfortable.

Their recent cheer leading chants of “Go Meat” makes my stomach turn. I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, so it’s not like I’m naive to people eating meat, but this type of advertising just seems too distasteful to me. In this particular instance, Hillshire Farms isn’t marketing how tasty or high quality their meat is, but that we should just eat meat. Any meat. Because. . . we’re meaty? I mean, sure, they throw in a “Hillshire Farms” at the end, but there’s no “Hey, you should eat Hillshire Farms, because it’s good.” I’m just supposed to eat Hillshire Farms, because it’s meat?

Plus, I can’t enjoy a salad without Hillshire telling me that there must be meat on it:

Come on! It’s a salad. If there is meat, then it plays a very minor role. Plus, marketing “Go Meat” to people who are trying to eat salad probably is not the right message for that audience. Salad eating audiences probably value vegetables and would not appreciate the uniform preaching of “Go Meat.”

It’s also interesting to me that they try to wrap your attention up through this cheer leading motif. Hey, it did work for Toni Basil:

So, is the point of the cheers simply to catch your attention or to get you so peppy that you ignore the message? And is it effective?

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