Virtual Worlds Threaten Values

Courtesy of Digital Urban Blog, there’s something fishy in Second Life…

You have to ask yourself about the idea behind this kind of marketing. It seems to reek of a Tipper Gore Bible Thumper trying to convert the sinner to follow the righteous path, even if it is just a news report. So, are they entering the unholy lands to convert the sinner or are they merely marketing to their audience?

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1 thought on “Virtual Worlds Threaten Values

  1. Lord Putnam worried that children will learn from virtual worlds to engage society primarily as consumers…… as opposed to the real world which they learn to engage primarly as…what (else)? Children are exposed to roughly 6000,000 commercials by the time they reach 20…to say nothing of billboards, advertisements, product placements, etc. So the problem with virtual reality is that its so much like reality?

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