Sesame Street

Ah, nostalgia. Older generations had it right, and the newer ones are in desperate need of a good dose of morals.

Except when it comes to Sesame Street. Early episodes of Sesame Street are now available on DVD, but don’t let the kids watch them. Oh, no, no. No, these are for adults only.

Take a look at this New York Times blog.

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1 thought on “Sesame Street

  1. I don’t know what’s scarier, that even the most harmless shows will become so incredibly pc that we can’t even fantasize about a weird non-human, muppet thing eating as many cookies as he wants (I shudder to think what’s gonna happen to Blue’s Clues. Will Blue and Steve– or whoever’s in his place these days– no longer be able to look for clues inside pictures because it’s trespassing?) or, even scarier, that I might start being included in an “older generation.” Wha– when did that happen?

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