Typefaces Give Us Signals

Typefaces give us signals from erik spiekermann on Vimeo.

via Presentation Zen

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3 thoughts on “Typefaces Give Us Signals

  1. I heart instances of experimental typography. This is hands down one of the better examples I’ve seen (another of my favorites, one that I show in my Literary Publishing course when we start to talk about graphic design, is here). I’m so happy to see that in recent years, there has been a proliferation of free *and* good quality typefaces (thanks to sites like http://www.dafont.com). In the closing years of the 2000s, it’s almost inexcusable to have digital fonts cordoned off behind some sort of high-cost wall of licensure. And don’t get me started on the technical aspects of how operating systems manage fonts (in part, a condition owing to the aforementioned licensing practices of type design houses)… BUT we’re starting to see that change, too, with the advent of expanding CSS support, which is allowing for things like embedding fonts into web content from the server side (see here for a demo).

  2. It certainly is encouraging–especially with things like HTML5, CSS3, and @font-face attributes (if only every browser supported it), the web will become a mighty nifty and accessible place, which makes it all the more persuasive, non?

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