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In terms of how we frame things, I often wonder what effect some of the techniques people use are. For instance, onextrapixel compiles a beautiful array of “35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs.” Indeed, there are some unique packages that would get me interested in the product. (I’ve been interested in packaging, though. I still buy real CDs because I respect the packaging.)

It seems like this tactic works in this situation because there is a real, tangible item to be handled in the course of investigating how it’s marketed. On the other hand, however, we can see that some of the same techniques are being applied to business cards via Smashing Magazine’s “Business Card Design Starter Kit: Showcase, Tutorials, Templates.” While some of these cards are vibrant, interesting, and clearly will engage prospective clients, others appear to be so focused on the packaging that it may not benefit the designers in the long run. For instance, some of the cards appear as if they would break apart easily, which will be a problem when that card ends up in a client’s purse or wallet. Others appear as if they might be too sturdy–they use materials that would be expensive to give out to every client, which probably is not an advantageous business model. Jus’ sayin’.

So, are these business cards too focused on the design without enough attention to the function? And, if so, does that make it less persuasive? They may be super cool, but does it actually produce an increase in business?

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1 thought on “Creating Creatively

  1. I’ll see your business card and raise you one more:
    the MommyCard.

    Nearly every online company that will sell you a business card will also sell you a MommyCard, a card with only social, no economic value. What do we do with that?

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