Question (FB & Commonplaces)

Has anyone written about Facebook working as modern day commonplaces?

I mean, wikipedia suggests that “[s]ome modern writers seeĀ blogs as an analogy to commonplace books,” but I see Facebook posts has a much more similar connection. Considering that blogs are there to produce content more than just post it, then I’d say that blogs are closer journaling and facebook, which many of us use to post various articles, music, pictures, etc, could tie in with commonplacing.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had any insights into this?

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2 thoughts on “Question (FB & Commonplaces)

  1. There was a Boston Globe article about a parlor game called Facebook that was reported in 1901, I believe. It was similar to the electronic Facebook of today in that faces and scrapbook imagery and visitors book clippings were colleted and used for the game. That’s the same sort of material that many people post nowadays.

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