Garr Reynolds over at Presentation Zen has a good breakdown of the visual elements of IKEA. I highly recommend that you read his post “Learning slide design from an IKEA billboard.” He provides an excellent analysis of what makes the posters persuasive and engaging. It really is a top notch post.

I, on the other hand, am totally thrilled by a person’s willingness to deconstruct a visual representation present within their own environment. I mean, once that deconstruction and analysis takes place, won’t that person be one step closer to understanding the way their particular environment manipulates them? And in understanding that manipulation, we’re a step closer in understanding the communication that is prevailing within that environment.

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1 thought on “Signage

  1. I really enjoyed this post, for both the practical advice and the easy, accessible tone. As a guide for designers, even complete novices like me, it’s particularly useful.

    I wonder what other kinds of lessons can be learned from those well-trained, well-paid corporate designers… and what kinds of ideas those designers have gleaned from alternative/street/fringe designers. (See Tim’s post on the new Obama posters.)

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