PZ and Kinetic Typography

Have I mentioned how much I love Presentation Zen? This time, Garr goes over Kinetic Typography (also called motion typography from time to time) with examples to boot.

I can tell you with my own experimentation how difficult this form is to manage. It seems almost relentlessly tedious with the amount of detail you have to go through technically speaking and you have to apply your creativity to try and produce something visually interesting. (Which is why many videos featuring kinetic typography are under 2 minutes).

Just check out his post. It’s quite worth it. Here’s an example that he shows in his post–just to wet your appetite. . .


Garr Reynolds over at Presentation Zen has a good breakdown of the visual elements of IKEA. I highly recommend that you read his post “Learning slide design from an IKEA billboard.” He provides an excellent analysis of what makes the posters persuasive and engaging. It really is a top notch post.

I, on the other hand, am totally thrilled by a person’s willingness to deconstruct a visual representation present within their own environment. I mean, once that deconstruction and analysis takes place, won’t that person be one step closer to understanding the way their particular environment manipulates them? And in understanding that manipulation, we’re a step closer in understanding the communication that is prevailing within that environment.