Competition Update: #DefineRhetoric @HarlotTweets

It’s been one month since we began our #DefineRhetoric competition!  We’re happy to say that we have added some funny, insightful, and outstanding examples of rhetoric defining rhetoric!  We’ve got rhetoric about rhetoric that’s rhetoric (via @plcorbett!). Whoa! If you haven’t checked out the competition, you’ll find instructions here: #DefineRhetoric

And we thank all our participants so far and hope they continue submittin’ cause there’s no limit on the number of definitions you can submit. Check ‘em out then laugh, cry, and rhetoric all over everywhere and write your own definition of rhetoric so ya increase your chances of winning the prestigious and highly coveted “Definition of Rhetoric of the Year – 2012.”

Here’re a few definitions we’ve received so far-

  • The Borg had it all wrong.  Resistance is rhetoric. @LouFisto
  • Rhetoric: Don’t get it wet or feed it after midnight. @LouFisto
  • Rhetoric = Wearing too much eyeliner after he leaves you. @donorahillard
  • Rhetoric = Any almost-expired birthday cake. @donorahillard
  • Rhetoric is a fancy label for the process and consequences of naming and framing reality. @anokaydane
  • #DefineRhetoric is an act of rhetoric itself, defined through action. Rhetoric outside of action is like Latin, dead on arrival. @plcorbett
  • Rhetoric is when everybody wants some and I want some too. Ow! V. H. Alen  @PaulMuhlhauser
  • Rhetoric is a bag of Halloween candy, sometimes you get the good stuff and sometimes you get apples with razor blades. @TheOriginalRock
  • The role of rhetoric is convincing people of the truth so they can dismiss their ignorance. #DefineRhetoric @TheOriginalRock
  • #definerhetoric: utterly the bass line in Lou Reed’s “Walk On the Wild Side.” Tonight anyway @thatssomcginnis

There are about 3 ½ months to submit your definition of rhetoric to Harlot. Then we’ll select and announce THE definition of rhetoric of the year with the publishing of our next issue.

If you’ve got some rhetorical inflammation and need relief, we prescribe #DefineRhetoric. Good luck!