Email the Prez-(Elect)

Our new president-elect has a shiny new website. It contains a blog, news, events, a place to apply for a job in the Obama-Biden administration, a place to “share your story,” and that kinda stuff. I’ll admit. I’m intrigued. We’ll have a president with a site dedicated to interaction with people. Hmm.

Obviously, it goes without saying that he personally won’t be messing with his site, but the people who work for him. But, still. I can’t recall any political candidate with a site that so heavily relies on this particular kind of technology or interaction. Of course, this particular kind of technology hasn’t been as prolific–I get that, but I think it’s interesting that I was genuinely surprised when I heard about this website. The word “Really?” certainly came to mind.

I know that I’ve been so trained to expect my political representative to ignore what I have to say, that a site set up to listen specifically to constituents is, well, surprising.