Video Essays!

Nothing I like more than a little analysis in a hard candy coating and, well, I feel like sharing.

Is He Bona Fide?

Is He Bona Fide? from Daniel Anderson on Vimeo.

“This video essay explores the theme of sincerity in the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The essay is composed in video form, using clips from the film as quotations and layering analysis over the clips through narration.”

Remix Culture II

Remix Culture II from Ricardo on Vimeo.

“My second mashup for the
Total Recut Video Remix Challenge 2008
“What is Remix Culture?”

Here’s a list of all the entries in the competition:”

Watchmen Video Essay/Review

Watchmen Video Essay/Review from Adam Schoales on Vimeo.

“Here we go kids, after hours of writing, editing, shooting, cutting, and recutting my review… err… video essay for “Watchmen” is complete.

I’m going to work on creating a more concise version thats more along the lines of an actual review, but this should whet your appetite.

(and yes, I’m reading from a teleprompter. you try doing a 20 minute review from memory and smoothly…)”

The World is Flat 3.0

This is more of a lecture, but still mighty thought provoking. I especially like starting at the 29:30 minute mark when Thomas Friedman says that being able to use “imaginative thinking” and connecting dots, in the way liberal arts does, is essential. Then again, I’m a bit biased.

Bringing liberal arts into the equation is more important than ever, because we’re in a world now where imagination and mashups–the ability to mash things together through really imaginative, I think, thinking–is going to be such a huge advantage. . . I think inspiration, innovation comes from having two or more specialties and applying the framework of one specialty to the framework of another. And so, it is great, it is critical, it is essential. We have people who are experts at dots, but we also need, as individuals and collectives, to be encouraging the connecting of those dots and the mashing of them together.