Harlot Symposium: Presidential Rhetoric

Check out Harlot’s latest call for contributions for a symposium on presidential rhetoric:

Presidents and Presidential Hopefuls of 2008/2009
Presidents and Presidential Hopefuls of 2008/2009

Throughout a heady election season, the conclusion of a divisive administration, and an inauguration that attracted a record 1.8 million people to Washington D.C., American presidents and presidential hopefuls have performed a flurry of persuasive acts, some stilted, some eloquent, some mangled, some unintentional, some iconic. What have been the most pivotal moments in American politics in the last year? What stood out, made you laugh, made you yell, made you think? What conversations should the nation — and the world — have as we move forward?

We welcome short contributions of 500-750 words or video/audio productions of 1-2 minutes (or any combination thereof) that explore an issue or phenomenon you think is stimulating, amusing, or uncomfortable — as long as it is insightful. Submissions are due by Monday, March 2, 2009.

Presidential Race . . . and Alcohol

If I didn’t see this story with my own eyes, I’d believe it came out of The Onion, but sometimes we actually manage to recognize ridiculousness in real life without the help of satire: CNN has a head start on predicting our 44th President.

According to the logic behind a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, “a voter’s drinking preferences may also reveal their political preferences.” Check out the short article for more details.

On a side note, I’m surprised CNN dismantled the comments feature for this story. I had loaded the page earlier in the day, and the comments at the top of the page were humorously negative. I refreshed the page just now, and they’ve all disappeared (before I actually read all of them. Darn). I guess CNN got the point.